There's nothing like the star lit sky of the desert night... Nothing beats the silence of the desert night... And nothing compares to waking-up to the freshness of the crisp desert morning....

If you think you've seen and done it all - put desert camping in Israel next on your list!

Our desert camping can come as an independent experience or as a part of a jeep tour or of a hike - at the end of the day.
Private Camping in the desert - a thousand star hotel!
Bon fire at a desert camp Israel
Camping in Israel - the Ramon Crater

We'll set up your camp anywhere you want and "leave you with the keys" or, stick around to help you out. As you like...
jeep tour, a hike, or a camel trip can come before or after your camping night.  A yoga workshop  and telescope star-gazing with an astronomer can be added too.

Camping in  the desert in Israel
Camping in the Ramon Crater Israel
Luxury Camping in the Israeli Negev Desert
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Our desert camping can take place in several locations: in the Ramon Crater, the Tzin Valley, along the Spice-Route and in some other unique spots, and is a perfect bonding activity for families, couples and groups of friends.
Rustic package: Camping will be in basic dome tents and will include simple mattresses and sleeping bags, (we suggest you bring your own sleeping bags but we can support you with ours if you need), firewood and mats. The package also includes food (produce and cooking utensils that we supply) but you will be cooking on your own, over the fire or on a gas stove. 

Price starts at 2800 shekels (minimum rate), for up to 6 people in 2 tents. Arrival to the camping location is independent (reachable to any vehicle) or with our help for an extra charge.
* Meals regard dinner & breakfast

Deluxe package: Camping is in dome tents with quality mattresses, thick blankets and comfy pillows, all wrapped in white linen. An elegant outdoor resting area with cushions will be set up in front of the tents forming a natural, under-the-stars patio. A bonfire pit with mats and armchairs will also be provided. Cooking will be independent using utensils and produce that we supply. 

Price starts at 5000 shekels for up to 6 people in 2 tents. Additional add-ons to this package are available and can include:

Meals prepared by our team and served to you "around the fire" for an additional 2000 shekels
Fancy meals (three dinner-menu options)  served to a festive dining table, for an additional 5000 shekels 
An eco-restroom and hot shower cabin for an additional 4000 shekels.
* Meals regard dinner + breakfast

Premium package: Luxury camping in elegant, spacious canvas tents in a unique, decorated setup, including a hot shower and w.c. cabin, a shaded lounge/patio area complete with resting cushions, low coffee tables, board games and a fire-circle with arm chairs and mats. Including pampering meals, self-service snack and beverage bar, this package costs 20,000 shekels for the first night, and 12,000 for each consecutive night, for up to 6 people in two tents. 

A FREE bonus with this package is a stargazing activity at the camp and a 2.5 hour guided jeep tour or a rappelling session (your choice!).
* Meals regard dinner & breakfast

Visit our premium branch website to learn more about our boutique services!

We offer three different camping standards
Luxury camping in Israel
israel luxury camping
israel desert luxury camping service