Negev-Desert off-road tours: Mitzpe Ramon, Sde Boker and more! 
We offer Deep Desert experiences of:

- 2.5 hours
- 4 hours
- Full day tours (with picnic - optional) 
- Sunrise/Sunset tours
- Jeep tour and Bedouin hospitality

Our jeep tours run through the Negev Friendly Desert, around Mitzpe Ramon - to the Ramon Crater, the ancient Spice Route or to the Zin-Valley springs near Sde-Boker.

Interested in a  longer adventure?
We'll gladly take you on a several day jeep safari through these desert landscapes - camping out or returning to your urban accommodation. 

The Negev desert comprises 60% of Israel and is surprisingly diverse - each area with its own, rare beauty.

Where do you want to start???

Jeep tour mitzpe ramon crater
Nabatean spice route jeep tours
Jeep tours around the Ramon crater
Ramon Crater jeep tour
On our Ramon Crater jeep tour we'll ride through the biggest crater ("Makhtesh") of its kind in the world, while we go some 220 million years back in time  to the time of the dinosaurs. We'll  learn about the formation of this phenomena, taste unique desert plants, trace wild animal tracks and listen to the roaring hum of silence. This tour can end at a nearby village for real Bedouin hospitality  (Mitzpe ramon jeep tours)
Zin Valley springs tour
The jeep tour of the Zin Valley, near Sde Boker, takes us through surreal yellow-white cliffs and hills, an oasis with a lush green Poplar forest (!) and to top it all- a spring with a 30 ft. deep natural pool good for swimming. While you cool in the water- we'll brew the coffee and cut open the watermelon... (Negev jeep tours)
Jeep tour of the Spice Route
Over two thousand years ago a great nation of nomads, called the Nabateans, managed to find their way through the rough desert wilderness. The last part of their journey crossed the Israeli Negev of today. While they develop incredible techniques for survival, among them- the digging of hundreds of cisterns, these people traveled over 1200 miles by foot with huge camel caravans. Where did they start the journey and where were they headed? What were they carrying that justified this unbelievable effort? Where are they today?? On our tour we'll try to find answers to these questions as we follow the Nabateans in their footsteps. (MItzpe ramon jeep tours)
Around the Ramon tour
Jeep tour Sde boker and Zin valley

This day tour encircles nearly 360° of the Ramon Crater and is a true desert safari encompassing some of the best views in the Negev. Leaving from Mitzpe Ramon, we'll first start with a short jeep tour of the Ramon Crater from the inside. Later on we'll continue to the Nekarot planes, stop at the ancient Oded wells to draw the sweetest water you've ever tasted and have a picnic under an old Pistacia tree in the Negev highlands. By now we'd have probably spotted some gazelle and a few onagars (wild asses). Our next stop will be at the tip of the crater- just where the two rims meet, for another perfect view, just as the colors of the day become softer. from there we'll start our way back to Mitzpe Ramon while the sun sets behind us.  (Jeep tours Mitzpe ramon)

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Jeep tour of the Ramon Crater Israel
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Note that we only offer private tours. For "per ticket" rate open-group tours, checkout the 4x4Desert  platform