Itai Harary, tours & ropes
Itai (40), founder of Deep Desert Israel, married to Tal, father of Ilai, Itamar & Uriel, and lives in Mitzpe-Ramon, is a desert hiking guide qualified by the Society for Protection of Nature in Israel. Itai is also a B.Ed. graduate in Democratic Education, History and Jewish studies and has worked as a teacher in a Steiner school. He is a licensed rappelling instructor, a 4x4 jeep driver and guide, and in addition, installs safety instruments on hiking trails throughout the country for the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority.
Tal Schiff, yoga & workshops
Tal (37), mother of Ilai, Itamar & Uriel, and married to the guy on the left, is a certified Yoga teacher and a qualified desert trekking guide by the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority. She's also a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse acting school in New York City and has performed on stage both in NY and in Israel. Today, Tal makes use of her rich experience to give one-of-a-kind, fun and funny yoga and acting workshops in Mitzpe Ramon and the desert around it...

About us
Deep Desert Israel was created to enable our guests to experience the beauty of the Israeli Negev Desert in its natural form, and in the best possible way.

We are a small, family-owned business, operating from Mitzpe Ramon and as such, the services we provide are very personal and friendly. 
Because we love what we do, we feel privileged to share our passion for the desert with others, and look forward to sharing it with you on your next visit to Israel! 


"Itai and Tal,
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Your love for the desert combined with your knowledge in all the different fields made our day extra special. We had a wonderful time and can't wait to do this again with the whole family!"

Dassi & Chuck

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Ziv, father of Shachar and Mia and partner of Galya, lives in Mitzpe Ramon since 1999. Ziv is a musician and our own private Star-Man (stargazing instructor): "The night sky and certain musical compositions are two different revelations of the infinite" Ziv says. "The Desert sky has driven me to study and expert in various related subjects, to find answers to questions that have always intrigued me, and to try to grasp how scientists on one hand and story tellers on the other managed to comprehend the incomprehensible.". 

Ziv Ravitz, stars & notes
Sivan Abergil, office & arts
מדריך טיולים סנפלינג וטיולי ג'יפים במצפה רמון איתי הררי
Sivan is a newcomer to Mitzpe Ramon, but it feels like she's been around forever. As a graduate of the photography department at the Bezalel academy of arts in Jerusalem, Sivan knows how to refine the best out of every situation - with or without her camera.
When she isn't corresponding with our clients or coordinating an outdoors event, Sivan enjoys the desert serenity, study's pottery, climbs rocks and prowls for the "perfect shot". She will find it...
Hananya K. 4X4 and more
Hananya is like the desert: Quiet yet deep, awesome yet humble, slowly revealing himself, slowly unveiling his secrets... 
If you're lucky, Hananya will guide you as you rappel down a cliff, or on an off-road tour deep in the desert. As a former 4x4 driving instructor in the IDF, you will feel very safe when he is holding the wheel. Hananya is also a mechanical wizard who fixes things even before they get broken, and he can talk any screw to loosen up. 
In his free time Hananya leads a local organization of volunteers  who help the elderly of Mitzpe Ramon in their day-to-day challenges. What a man!
Avinoam ("you can call me Avi") Ashlag is our shooting star. Partner of Tammi and father of four, Avi somehow manages to do it all. If you're lucky you'll meet him on one of our Jeep tours or stargazing activities. If you're super lucky you'll bump into him on both. Be nice and let him connect with the muses of the desert; In return he will pull out his wooden flute on top of one of the desert hills, and put a spell on you until you forget where you came from and where you want to go... Bon Voyage!
Avinoam Ashlag, above and beyond