Negev Hiking trips & Camping expeditions
Anything from a half day hike to a full week trek, through the beautiful Negev landscapes of the Zin Valley or the Ramon Crater, private or with a group. On these trips we'll be camping under the stars and cooking outdoors on a bonfire. (Negev hiking)
Here's what we do best - Take Your Pick!
With over 15 years of experience we take pride in our selection of desert activities, all of which are carried out by expertly qualified guides and instructors who have made the desert their home. 

Here are some examples of things to do in Mitzpe Ramon and in the Negev Friendly Desert. Any variation and combination can be arranged to give you the desert experience you're looking for. Feel free to contact us any time and we'll start planning your Negev adventure! (things to do in Mitzpe Ramon)
Rappelling in the Ramon Crater (abseiling)   
Negev hiking Ramon Crater
Mitzpe ramon activities Desert Yoga
Negev desert jeep tours Mitzpe ramon and Sde Boker
Yoga workshops
Practically in the middle of nowhere - under a lone Acacia tree, on a sand dune, or in a  dry river bed - we'll be stretching your body, relaxing your soul and challenging your muscels, either as an independent workshop or as a part of any other activity you choose.
Negev Jeep Tours Mitzpe Ramon
Beginning from Sde-Boker or the Ramon Crater, you can cover a large distance in a short time, or undertake an expedition of several days: camping out or returning to your urban accommodation for the night, visiting a real Bedouin village or a desert vineyard with wine tasting. 
(Negev jeep tours Mitzpe Ramon)
Mitzpe Ramon rappelling (abseiling) activities
Experience the thrill of  hanging off a cliff with the Ramon Crater at your back and beneath your feet... This is something that words could never describe. (Rappelling in Mitzpe Ramon) 


Negev desert rock-art
Explore the desert in your field-of-interest with a an expert in that field, a packed picnic lunch, and a Jeep for the day. Your private desert academy!
How to camp in the desert in Israel
Desert Camping/Glamping in Israel
In case you were wondering - camping in Israel, and especially in the desert is safe and simple. The desert offers us a dramatic wilderness experience which deepens in the emptiness of the silent night. Words can not describe this - you'll have to try! We offer both, rustic and luxury Glamping setups, so just tell us how you like it!
desert sunrise jeep tour ramon crater
Ramon Crater Sunrise Jeep Tours 
Leaving with the jeep from Mitzpe Ramon, we'll drive directly to the highest vista point inside the crater and while waiting for the sunrise we'll brew hot tea made from local desert herbs. Nothing beats this exciting experience of watching the sunrise in the crisp desert morning. 
stargazing in the ramon crater
Stargazing in Mitzpe Ramon 
Get as close as you can to outer space in a way which is only possible in the dark desert night. Just around sunset, our "star man" will set up the gear, adjust the telescope's lens and brew the tea over the campfire. When you get to the spot everything will be ready for your stargazing experience in Mitzpe Ramon. Beam me up Scottie! 

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Private desert activities in Mitzpe Ramon and the area!
Rappelling from the cliff of the Ramon Crater - Mitzpe Ramon
Jeep tour in the Ramon Crater
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Please note that we only offer private tours. For "per person" rate daily group tours, check out the 4x4Desert  service