These are only pictures.... join us and experience the real desert for yourself!

Ammonite fossils along the Nabatean Spice Route
Daffodils Blooming In Wadi Hatzatz, near Sde Boker
The "Horseshoe" phenomenon in Wadi Daroch
A typical afternoon in the Zin valley (Tzin valley) nearby Sde Boker
A view of Wadi akev from The Avdat plateau
The lone Acacia in Wadi Ramon- The Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon)
Sunrise behind "Cone Hill"- Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon) on a sunrise jeep tour of the Ramon Crater.
A stop on a jeep tour along the spice route
An Ibex admiring it's home- the Ramon Crater
A bit of morning Yoga on a hike to the Ramon Crater
Desert kite flying alongside the Nabatean Spice Route
The majestic Hatira Canyon
Desert trekking in Israel...
A view of the "Small Crater". Among the most impressive view points in the Negev
A stop during a desert safari in Israel
Camels in the Negev desert
Zin valley lookout at the end of a jeep tour
Rock art at Mt. Karkom recognized by some as mount Sinai...
Anthropomorphic rocks at the Mt. karkom Paleolithic shrine.
Even the Negev desert blooms in spring...
Desert Broomrape- a beautiful parasite!
Spring flowers in the Israeli desert
Unique plant of the Negev desert
Private tour guides in Israel - desert hiking
Natural water hole - filled up during the floods
Jeep tours from Mitzpe Ramon to the crater for families
Spring flood in the Desert in Israel -Ramon Crater
Ramon Crater during a desert flood
After the floods the desert blooms in beautiful colors
2 day hike from Sde Boker to the springs
Family jeep tours to the Ramon Crater
A lizard with perfect camouflage
A mushroom growing in the dampness of a Nabatean cistern along the spice route
Outdoor desert meals - poike pot stews
A sunrise on an early jeep tour of the Ramon Crater from leaving MItzpe Ramon
An Rhubarb endemic to the Negev highlands
Storksbill seeds spread by the wind
A private family sunrise tour from Mitzpe Ramon
Unusual flower in the Negev Desert Israel
A poisonous grasshopper couple mating. Their poison is sprayed like pepper spray and has a blinding effect
Hexagonal volcanic rock formations in the Ramon Crater
The Ardon mountain- "the heart" of the Ramon Crater
Footprints of Onagers (wild asses). Over 200 live in the Negev Highlands area.

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