Green Revolution at Deep Desert Israel!

Throughout our years of activity, we have been thrilled to connect travelers from all over the world to the wonderful nature we know and love so much. Deep Desert Israel has always been a home to guides whose love for nature and the desert flows through their veins. This year, we are taking our love of nature one step further, joining the global call for environmental awareness and environmental protection. Protection of our future…

So what does all of this mean?

It means that now it’s official. We announced 2020 as the year of green revolution at Deep Desert Israel. We finally realized that it’s time to take full responsibility over our actions (and their results), before there’s no time left… at all levels – privately, publicly and corporately. Being an inspirational outdoors adventure company we know well how important a balanced ecosystem is. And how fragile it is. We see it all around us, every day, on every tour. And yet, we admit that so far we haven’t done a lot. We haven’t done enough. But it still isn’t too late. Today we commit to do as much as we can to go-green and become the first environmental friendly adventure company in Mitzpe Ramon and maybe in Israel altogether!

How will we achieve this??

As of January 1st 2020 we created a new position in our company: an environmental change leader, which will be positioned by Lior Oren – a resident of Mitzpe Ramon and an environment admirer from birth. Lior will be in charge of studying and implementing whatever is possible to help Deep Desert Israel minimize its ecological footprint.
We welcome you to follow us on this exciting new journey we embarked on.

Our main green goals for 2020 are:

  • Absolutely avoiding the use of non-sustainable disposable products
  • Strengthening collaborations with local suppliers and businesses
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible throughout our activities
  • Educating our team about the ecological challenges of our time in the context of global warming
  • Implementing environmental content in our activities in-order to raise ecological awareness among our clients
  • Promoting, collaborating with and supporting eco-friendly initiatives

We hope to be the flagship of environmental awareness in our field and to see more tourism companies in our region and in Israel in general go green!