If you’re looking for a real Bedouin experience and hospitality in Israel – not a show for tourists – we know how to make it happen.

We will not take you to a Bedouin “farm” or “ranch” (because Bedouins in Israel live in villages)…

However, we will connect you with Bedouins who live in the Negev, in their villages, and introduce you to each other…

In the family tent you’ll meet the authentic Bedouin way of life, listen to inspirational stories and nomad philosophy, realize contemporary conflicts of the Bedouin culture in modern Israel, and get a chance to ask questions. In a nutshell – here, you will get r-e-a-l Bedouin hospitality!

We can setup a short visit, enough for having a cup of black tea and tasting Bedouin charcoal-bread (“libbe”), or we can plan for a full meal – lunch or dinner which is prepared on the spot especially for you, if you don’t mind the family’s kids joining you… More here.
*Bedouin meals are not kosher

This can be at the end of a jeep tour or as an independent experience.

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