There’s nothing like the starlit sky and the silence of the desert night… And nothing compares to waking-up to the freshness of the crisp desert morning….

If you think you’ve seen and done it all – put desert camping in Israel next on your list!

Real Camping for those who like it simple

The camping  itself will be in basic dome tents and will include simple mattresses and sleeping bags, (we suggest you bring your own sleeping bags but we can support you with ours if you need), firewood and mats. The package also includes food (produce and cooking utensils that we supply) but you will be cooking on your own, over the fire or on a gas stove.

Prices start at 2800 Shekels + vat, for up to 6 people in 2 tents. Arrival to the camping location is independent (reachable to any vehicle) or with our help for an extra charge.
* Meals regard dinner & breakfast

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