Hiking connects you with nature
more than anything else.

With us you can either go on short, day or half-day hikes of the Ramon Crater, or on several day, long-distance hikes of bigger chunks of the Negev, camping out, with a group or on a private trip. So put on your hiking boots and let our 15 years of desert expertise open the door to Hiking in the Israeli desert for you!

Private hiking/trekking options

1. Tzin Valley and Ramon Crater private day hikes

If you’re just passing by for a brief visit but don’t want to miss out on hiking in the Ramon Crater, we’ll gladly take you on a 4-6 hour hike, or even a full day hike if your time allows. The hikes are suitable for all ages and will be planned according to what you personally are looking for in terms of fitness, difficulty etc’. (MItzpe Ramon hiking)

2. Private Long-distance, several day hikes of the Tzin Valley, Ramon Crater and more (including logistics)

For those that want a deep inhale and a strong taste of this vast desert land, and don’t mind sweating along the way, a 2-5 day hike is the answer. On these hikes of the Ramon Crater area and the bigger Negev, we’ll hike through changing landscapes and breathtaking views, camp and cook out, but still enjoy a light weight day-pack thanks to the logistics jeep which will be carrying our stuff from camp to camp. (Hiking Mitzpe Ramon)

3. Private Long-distance hikes of the Ramon Crater, the Arava Valley and more (self gear-carrying)

Totally self-dependant for 2-5 days, these hikes/treks will take you far out, literally, giving you the deepest feeling of “alone in the world”, and you’re going to love it! Carrying all our food & gear, and water for a day (a pack of around 20 kg/60 lbs), these hikes require high fitness, endurance, and true outdoor passion. Are you ready? (Mitzpe Ramon hiking / trekking)

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