Treat yourself to a rare luxury Glamping experience in the Israeli Negev Desert near Mitzpe Ramon and the Ramon Crater. If you had enough of hotel style vacations and you feel it is time for something new and truly memorable – here we are! Upgrade from 5-stars to 1000 stars in the pristine desert wilderness with all the comforts and amenities you deserve…

Creating a private luxury popup hotel in the middle of nowhere is not something to be over-looked. This unique, niche service is one that only a few in Israel have mastered. It requires extraordinary logistical understanding, deep knowledge of the environment and terrain, uncompromising standards of perfection, and first hand experience of true indulgence.

We believe that only those who consume life’s pleasures know how to accurately provide them… This is our case.

Apart from the excitement of truly being outdoors in nature, Glamping with us in the Israeli Desert near Mitzpe Ramon will offer you several other unmatched benefits such as:

Full privacy – Our popup Glamping resort will be created especially for you and your party with no other guests around. Very different from a hotel experience.

No fixed location – We have the desert in the palm of our hand and will fit the best spot for your camp depending on your special requests and fantasies.

No group size restrictions – We can supply as many tents as needed for your party or group.

Private in-house activities – Any of our activities can perfectly blend-in with your vacation! How about a stargazing experience with our mobile telescopes right outside your tent? Or perhaps a private yoga session on top of a desert hill as you wake up in the morning?

So how does it work??

1. You give us a call or send us an email

2. We do all the rest

Deep Desert Israel offers 2 Glamping accommodation standards:

  • Deluxe standard – in dome camping tents with earth beds.
  • Premium standard – in elegant white canvas tents, with REAL beds.​

Both standards can include various bespoke amenities such as: hot showers, a hot tub Jacuzzi, festive meals with multiple menu options, a alcohol and beverage bar, and anything else you can think of…

Any type of transportation can be used to reach our Glamping resort – a jeep, helicopters, camels or horses, a coach or your own hiking boots.

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