Join us on a unique workshop-tour that combines photography skills with the magic of the desert, using 4×4’s.

On our workshop we will visit the Ramon Crater and experiment with a variety of photography methods – whether with a smartphone or a professional camera. During the tour we will encounter and document wild nature and primordial landscapes, expressions of light and shadows over various textures of stone and sand, and experiment with portrait photography as we search for the perfect desert “selfie”.

Entering the desert with off-road vehicles allows us to reach unique and unconventional vantage points, which for the most part are not accessible to ordinary cars.

Photography is no longer only for pros. The curiosity and desire to expand photographic knowledge attracts to our region hundreds of amateur photographers a year – some of them using nothing but a smartphone! But everyone always comes home packed with dozens of useful photography tips and loads of spectacular photos…

At each stop, before we start taking pictures, our local guide (who is also the jeep driver) will give us a briefing about the desert environment we are in – for the sake of general knowledge and for adding another portion of inspiration.

Throughout the course of the workshop we will take pictures as we gain skills and tools which you will be able to apply as soon as your next trip!

Required equipment for the workshop tour:

  • Long pants and closed shoes, hat, personal water bottle (1-1.5 liters).
  • A camera of any kind (your phone counts!) as long as it is fully charged and with plenty of free memory.

The time frames available for our desert photography tours are:

  • Two or four hour tours: in the Ramon Crater
  • Full day tour: as an integrated trip to the Ramon Crater and the Sde Boker area.

We have no limit on the number of vehicles on the tour: from one to as many as needed!! We would love to chat and tailor the perfect photo trip for you!

About our photography instructor

Irus Hayon

Irus Hayon, is a graduate of the Photography Department at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem and is a proud resident of Mitzpe Ramon. Irus is also an experienced teacher of professional photography in schools and colleges across Israel.
Her area of ​​expertise over the last decade has been desert photography workshops that blend the desert experience into the studying of various field photography techniques.

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