The water in Ein Akev spring - just right in summer!

We are already used to the pattern: every winter, the water of the deep pool of the Ein Akev spring (+10 meters/30 ft.) cools down and stays that way for quite a long time, even through late spring, making the swim in the pool refreshing, but due to the cold – short…

And then, at a time which could never be defined, something changes. The warmth of the sun beats the coolness of the night and the water temperature rises to a perfect balance making it the ultimate answer to summer in the Negev Desert. Now is that time!

Getting to Ein Akev is quite easy and could be done either by a short, 2 hour hike from Ben-Gurion campus (just next to Sde-Boker), or by jeep on our 4 hour tour to the Tzin Valley which may also cover the Ein Shaviv oasis and it’s amazing poplar forest.

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